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I'm just a 24 year old girl trying to change my life fore the better!
Height: 5'0
HW: 148.6 lbs.
SW: 148.6 lbs.
CW: 131.2 lbs.
GW: 115.0 lbs.


Strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cherries = snack


Strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cherries = snack

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For the tomorrows… so someday I won’t have to say tomorrow :)

For the tomorrows… so someday I won’t have to say tomorrow :)

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explore the change

true statement… this journey is physical, mental, and emotional!


explore the change

true statement… this journey is physical, mental, and emotional!

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Such a beautiful reminder. I always feel like I’m in competition with my friends to look better… and I always feel like I’m losing.

Such a beautiful reminder. I always feel like I’m in competition with my friends to look better… and I always feel like I’m losing.

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24 Things I Learned Before Turning 25

1.     The one person who said they would always be there for you will leave. That person who said they wouldn’t make you cry will. And you have to be okay with it, because if you aren’t you’ll never move on.

2.     Chances are someone will break your heart. Remember how it feels because chances are you’re also going to break someone’s heart someday.

3.     The girls who say that they will never get married will be the first ones with a ring on their left hand.

4.     Sometimes all you want is that guy to hold you and tell you it’s okay. But that guy doesn’t seem to know you exist/broke your heart/walked out without a reason. Trust me ladies, you’re better off without that guy.

5.     One day you’re going to wake up and realize that most of your youth is gone, so get up and do something daring every day. It’s how you grow as a person. Repeat after me: “I don’t want to say ‘What If?’ ten years from now.” I can guarantee all of you (no matter your weight/height/hair color etc.) will wake up one day and say “Look how beautiful I was back then” and wish that you’d done something you wanted to do (like tell that guy you like him)

6.     You may not know everything you have to offer the world right at this very minute… and that’s okay. Just know, that you have a lot to offer even if it’s just to one person.

7.     Those who seem to be the most perfect are often the most insecure.

8.     If everything happens for a reason you have to be okay with the fact that sometimes you’ll never know what those reasons are. And trust me – sometimes you’re better off not knowing.

9.     Not everyone you meet is going to be nice. Not everyone will like you. So suck it up and move on… if you really spend that much time trying to please everyone you won’t be happy.

10. Heartbreak looks and feels different for everyone.

11. The best friend you had in middle school or high school may or may not be your best friend ten or fifteen years from now. You may not talk every day. But you should definitely enjoy every moment that you have together.

12. If you have the opportunity to travel… do it. Some people go their whole lives never having left the city they grew up in. And we wonder why those people are so closed-minded.

13. Until you learn to love yourself no one will love you. I always thought this was the biggest cliché ever. It might be cliché; it’s also true. This is classic psychology… if you don’t respect yourself and you down talk yourself etc. etc. etc. other people are really going to think something is wrong with you. So learn to love every part of yourself. It will make you a better person. Learn to be enough for yourself. You are already whole, you DO NOT need someone else to complete you.

14. When you’re bored do something constructive… make an exercise plan, find places you’d like to travel to some day, learn a new language, find recipes you’d like to try. You never now if you like something until you try it.

15. People are incredibly interesting creatures when they think no one is looking. If you don’t believe me just go sit at a coffee shop and watch what unfolds.

16. In high school all of my friends were girls. In college most of my friends were guys. Set boundaries with your guy friends – especially if there is one who you know should never under any circumstances leave the friend zone… chances are you know who I am talking about and he will try to turn it into something more and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

17. Stop saying that you’re going to start doing something you’ve always wanted to do tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Neither is tonight… all you have is this moment.

18. Your parents know a lot. Really.  Listen to them. Because someday you won’t be able to and you’ll wish you could.

19. There will be moments in your life that make you realize how amazing you are – don’t ever forget those moments. There will be people in your life who make you realize how wonderful you are – don’t ever forget those people.

20. There will be days that you swear you’ve made the wrong decision. Days that you don’t know how to deal with life. Sometimes those days happen one right after the other. Don’t worry; it will pass. It will all be worth it in the end. Just keep swimming. It’s all part of the climb J

21. Learn to be present with your friends when you’re out with them. I hate when I see people out (and when I’m out with my own friends) and all I see is a table full of people playing on their phones. Really? You could do that at home by yourself, so unless you’re texting or calling someone to tell them where you are and ask them to join you… PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Also don’t text and drive, nothing is that important (even if it seems like it).

22. Part of success is being thankful and humble for all that you have. Realize that you got there with the support of amazing people because I’m about 99.5% sure that you didn’t do ALL of it by yourself.

23. You don’t need to be 5’10” with blonde hair and blue eyes walking the runway, wearing the latest designer clothes, with a super hot boyfriend, and buckets of money to be happy. Beauty fades, osteoporosis sometimes happens, styles change, your taste in men will probably change too at some point, and I’ve seen money bring out sides of people you wish they’d have kept in their skeleton closet forever. Be happy and work with what you have – the rest will come later!

24. Always strive to learn something new. It really does make you more interesting in the long run. 

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